When Winning feels like Losing

Sometimes winning feels like losing.

My longtime friend and colleague, Catherine Morgan, founder of Point A to B Transitions, shared her story of being caught off guard by the intensity of the letdown after her TEDx talk. In fact, she uses the word melt down. Have you ever experienced similar? I sure have!

I was honored to be interviewed by Catherine to explore what we WINNERS can learn and what we can do with the moments that feel like losing.

Remember, you will never be able to convince me that you are anything but a WINNER having a human experience, and that includes feelings you’d prefer not to be there. We are in this winning together!

I hope you benefit from this discussion.

PS – I am offering three free, thirty-minute Winner-loser-non winner processing sessions. This process will take the lid off your thinking and the sting out of winning and losing. Click the link below to experience the power.

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

– Diamond Mind Thomas

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Tom Rosenak leads Diamond Mind Enterprises with decades of experience as a persuasion and management training consultant. As a certified TotalSDI Facilitator, he pays special attention to clients’ strengths to develop them to their greatest capabilities. Call Tom at (847) 530-3471 and start building your persuasive abilities today!

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