Don’t fake it, just make it!

Let’s lose the phrase, “fake till you make it”.

The lowest band on the freedom guide (soon to be published)  is pretend. For in pretend, we feel we have arrived. Fake is weak. Pretend is a form of pride, no matter how lowly its domain.

And yet, “fake it till you make it” points to something we can learn and practice. With a little reframing, this is a useful concept. Try this on instead “Be it as you become it”.

Hold it in your heart and imagination as you refine your skill and live more fully into your vision. Fruitful practice is the art of coming from the highest version of yourself into whatever level of skill you currently have. It is not fake to hold Yo-Yo Mah in your heart as you practice Cello. It would be absurd to tell your friends “I sound just like him.”

Executive and professional presence is a next level presentation skills. Diamond Mind is thrilled to connect and partner with actors, dancers, performers (More on that soon). We can use their practice discipline and techniques to help us live into our truest selves. In the meantime, we can send messages making it clear we already ARE that person in process of becoming more fully him or her. No fake, no pretend, aspiration in momentum.

Let’s take our communication practice beyond pushing out messages and let’s go to and come from the core of who you are becoming and how you wish to be perceived.

Be it, hold it, practice it, as you become it.

You are a WINNER, in process learning to be it as you become it!

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

-Diamond Mind Thomas

About the author

Tom Rosenak leads Diamond Mind Enterprises with decades of experience as a persuasion and management training consultant. As a certified TotalSDI Facilitator, he pays special attention to clients’ strengths to develop them to their greatest capabilities. Call Tom at (847) 530-3471 and start building your persuasive abilities today!

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