Experience mind.

The mind is not the brain.

The brain may be command and control, but mind is an activity present in every nerve, cell and atom.  Mostly, we are unaware of this activity. I for one, have been often  oblivious to this ever present, powerful activity. I’ve known of this conceptually, cognitively, and could even pontificate eloquently on the ever-present connection between body-mind-mind-body. I could quote the sages, poetically siting this truth expressed in every culture, throughout the ages. And yet, mostly I am a talking head. Yap, Yap, yada, yada.

Good fortune came my way! I first heard mention of the Alexander technique from my cousin, Max Rosenak, a professional actor. This process of connecting the inner physical and psychic dots through awareness, pause and direction is popular for actors because to be effective they must embody the role. To merely site the lines may get you an A in High School but will flunk you in acting. And you will be a mediocre communicator if your primary focus is on words disassociated from soul.

Back to my good fortune. I’ve been thinking about Alexander technique for well over a year, saying “someday”, I’ll check it out. Recently, I was a participant in a workshop and in walked Melissa Matson! I said after the program, “I love the way you show up in a room”. After a brief chat, I asked “Are you familiar with Alexander technique?” She told me she has a theater background and has been teaching it for years. Lucky me.

I feel a powerful surge to say more about this now but will save it for another post. Suffice it to say, this practice is having a profound effect on me and I am confident my fellow diamond minders will get lots of tips how to live, move and breathe from their higher intentions. By learning to present (formally and informally) from the inside out, we will attract the people, ideas, and inspiration needed to accomplish all things, together. After all, the word “corporate” at root means body, we are a body, moving as One. That’s the intention, anyway. Work to be done, there.

Stay tuned as Melissa has agreed to be a guest on the podcast and we are opening and exploring the possibility of expanding and accelerating our work together.

Blessings abound Where Diamonds Meet!

Enjoy the Holiday!

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-Diamond Mind Thomas

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