Jump Start Coaching Package

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Becoming the best version of ourselves as leaders can be challenging and is often a lonely pursuit.

I work with leaders who KNOW there is a better self-emerging and are determined to become their best (as they define it).

The problem is that maintaining the status quo while juggling multiple priorities and meeting the expectations of others, leaves little or no space to reflect on who you are currently and who you are becoming.

Living in a river of reactivity focused merely on daily tasks is a path to making a living, not thriving as an excellent leader. This path can lead to burnout, frustration, and self-doubt. 

Despite this challenge, YOU can do it, but not alone. Even if you could, what fun is that?

If you are confident there is a better YOU emerging (if you can ever just get to it – I don’t see “better me” on the calendar) ….this may be the perfect time to jumpstart your leadership momentum.

The first step to gaining more influence, greater impact, better collaboration, in short, your version of good to great; is to make space to connect to, define and refine the energy generated by your highest why.

The Diamond Mind Momentum process™ is a proven process to nurture your purpose and expand your energy. This process moves you from energy drain to energy gain!

We’re talking about YOU getting on a roll and staying there.  

The Big result – You can go from stuck state to flow state, and gain traction on what matters most.

Momentum happens when we shift our focus, get out of the way, and align our actions to our truest self. You may not be able to change the world in 90 days, but you CAN gain the confidence, clarity and learn a process to bring you there.

Through discussions of both pain and possibility with a trusted sounding board, leaders can identify strategies that work for them uniquely.

You can FEEL the momentum building with tailored solutions to your own unique situation.



Sometimes a small shift in focus and habit makes a huge difference in results.

Take these past clients for example:

Scott, a CEO of a medium-sized company, struggled to think strategically. His day was filled to the brim with details that should have been delegated. Though he had ideas on what to delegate, he never seemed to find the time for action.

Together, we came up with a plan to make space in his busy life to turn his ideas into reality.  We created space on his calendar for dedicated “CEO Think Time.” He scheduled intentional time to stop and focus on the big picture that will propel him and his business forward.

Though the daily realities of running a business may cause the slot to get rescheduled, the time was reserved, and CEO Think Time became a regular part of his schedule. During this thinking time, he was able to map out a delegation strategy, identify the conversations that must happen with staff and think strategically with no interruptions.

Marie, a VP of Operations, tended to be analytical and introverted and needed time to process before answering. She often felt put on the spot by her extraverted and impulsive boss. How could she plan for impromptu conversations ahead of time? You can’t plan impromptu. Or can you?

Together, we created a strategy to address this situation. Rather than read the paper on the train on her commute, she started planning conversations on hot button issues. By consciously making time and working through hard conversations, Marie felt prepared and able to contribute when the opportunity presented itself. This significantly increased her confidence and her executive presence.

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How much difference might one strategy, one practice, one habit make in your leadership success? Together we can identify YOUR secret sauce to a better YOU.

In this 4 session jump-start you receive:

  • Clarity around your core intention for this momentum initiative
  • Identify inner barriers (assumed constraints) to focusing on your core intention
  • A practice to generate greater flow in your life
  • The framework and tools for creating your 90-day momentum plan
  • Complementary copy of Your Momentum Playbook


  • Ninety Minute intake session to establish your core intention for the Jump Start
  • 3 Momentum Coaching Sessions