Your People are your greatest investment

How ready are you to thrive?

Welcome to our Leadership Resilience Research Initiative

We invite you to participate in a study designed to understand and respond constructively to the internal challenges facing leaders.

In our conversations with leaders and colleagues, we hear a common theme that leaders feel overwhelmed and feel they have no time to think. Our intention in this research is to unpack that theme and put some data around it. This heightened awareness will generate actionable insights.

We are seeking to understand:

  • What exactly has you feeling overwhelmed?
  • What mission critical activities are you neglecting because of it?
  • Can you even identify what mission is critical?


This is a win-win!

  • By engaging in the research study, you will gain clarity as you reflect on your mission critical leadership activities. You will gain immediate insight into a deeper understanding of your emotions and perceptions with the way that you navigate your leadership role and the challenges you face.
  • We get to learn from your anonymous participation to uncover bigger themes that will inform what we do next to support you, our community.

Ready to get started? Follow these steps!

We recommend setting aside 30 minutes to complete the 20-minute survey. You will need space to reflect on the questions being asked, so don’t rush this.

1. Watch this 11-minute introductory video and hear valuable tips for optimizing your self-evaluation experience.

2. Download this Tip sheet and keep it visible when you complete your self-evaluation.

3. Click this link to begin your self-evaluation.

Your responses are kept confidental. Our findings will be presented as anonymous data unless you grant permission to share.

You will be notified of live and asynchronous events as we evaluate the data and collaboratively design next level leadership support.

The data is gathered using the proprietary ChangeWorks system®. At the heart of this system is the ChangeGrid®, the world’s only client-driven, activity specific tool on the market. The ChangeGrid® is NOT a personality test, values survey, preferences assessment, or any other sort of traditional psychometric instrument — but it works in perfect harmony with ALL of them. The ChangeGrid® picks up where they leave off, allowing the professional to put the insights gained from the instrument into positive, definitive motion toward change. As you’ll often hear us say: Change is not an event! The report that all participants receive helps to see leadership challenges through multiple lenses enabling you to make decisions on needed shifts in focus.

We invite you to join us in building leadership resilience, each voice merging uniquely as part of a leadership excellence symphony.