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Our next guest on Where Diamonds Meet podcast is Rebecca Friese. We had an opportunity to chat about her new book, The Good Culture.

As a seasoned and experienced consultant, Rebecca has had a firsthand look at culture and its impact on work. We spend most of our lives at work, so its best that it does not suck. And unfortunately, it often does. We all can list the symptoms of a bad culture – demoralizing, demotivating, low trust, hard work, people valued as doings rather than beings, etc. Good culture results in high engagement, retention, fulfilment, and quality work.

A culture emerges wherever two or more are gathered for any length of time. Culture often seems like some objective thing we must either live with or leave. We become numb to culture if we neglect our responsibility to positively impact our environment.

What is culture, anyway? Rebecca gives us a concise definition to work with. Culture is how we get things done. I am reminded of a quote from Wallace D. Wattles “successful people don’t do certain things; they do things in a certain way.” The way you show up, the way you do, the way you are…all matter, large and small. Rebecca teaches us, “in a good culture, people agree on what matters, and align with it.:”

Rebecca gives us a framework and concrete tips that enable leaders at every level to contribute to the creation of a good culture. Her ideas a simple, never simplistic leaving us with a sense that we can indeed take responsibility and design a positive, sustainable culture.

We will let you know as soon as our conversation is posted. I am confident you will both enjoy and benefit from her insights. Of course, no need to wait for the post to read this great book:

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