The Harder you Push, the Stucker You Get!

Nike says, “Just Do It!” World class, billion-dollar tag line.

Yet, to quote Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for you?” If you could “just”, you probably would.

Our focus is usually entirely on the inflow. We push, push, and push again. Feels like, the harder we push the stucker we get. Constipation of the soul ensues when we do not also work on the outflow. Once we remove key blocks, the energy flows with less effort. Enjoy this short video on the flow state:

There is still time to join the community in the 30-day, momentum challenge. The first email is December 11.

Simply say yes and you are in.

No fee, No obligation, no pitch. I am doing this to gain momentum in my online course creation. In return for this, you agree to give me feedback and agree not share content before its published. Share your experience, just not the documents. Trust, here.

You receive:

Proven exercises and tips to create a shift in a key area, from stuck to momentum. A duplicatable process to personalize, expand, and ignite your momentum.

Behind the curtain of Diamond Mind Thomas:

This class is born out of practicing a truth statement I teach:

Think big, start small, keep moving with clarity and enthusiasm.

I expected to have the full online program by now. ☹ Wait! Why the frown. Start right where you are, with what you have, beginning NOW. Trust the process.

I feel a surge of energy for the small group that has already said “yes”.

Hope you join us!

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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