Kaizen Beta Challenge – Start the year in momentum

We learn by teaching. We teach by learning. Our culture often forcibly sequences these qualities. Learn a bunch of stuff, then you qualify to teach. For some learning, this is clearly necessary. We do not want to be taught how to insert tracheotomy tubes from a first timer. But when it comes to aligning your practices, achievement to connection, 100,000 feet to the runway, Body-mind-spirit, we are in this together, with something to teach, something to learn.

You may recall, I am under the tutelage of a neuroscientist, an accomplished medical doctor, who has been studying high performing athletes and learning what enables them to deliberately expand their capacity and improve their performance. I am learning to systematically install practices to align my highest ideals to my goals, deal with setbacks and learn while living daily life.

The guiding truth statement is:

Start before you are ready. NOW. Think big, act small, keep moving from the big idea invested in the smallest action. In a nutshell – Magical Momentum.

I envision creating a world-class, online, interactive program to teach this program. Someday, maybe. Great vision, that.

And, like many of my big ideas, it was way out there on an island called “Someday Island”.

Dr. Sykes said, “why not create an email program, inviting others to go through some exercises, experience the process and give feedback as they go?” In other words, start before you are ready. Scary good, good, and scary, indeed.

You are invited to participate in a 4-week email program. You will receive weekly nuggets of retool, refuel wisdom, exercises to apply to your runway, and a jumpstart to the new year. What do you intend to create? What are you willing to do about it? Beginning NOW.

The investment for this program is not financial. You will get out of it what you put into it. Totally free to you with two provisions:

  1. You agree to give feedback on your experience.
  2. You can brag about your experience but please keep the content to yourself until the program is officially published. We trust you to do that.

Say yes and you are in.

And, if not sure, schedule a chat to learn (teach) more. I say this because we have more than enough content and are keeping it small and simple to begin with. Turns out the Kaizen approach is consistent with neuroscience. The neuro infrastructure resists big changes and adapts to small, consistent, purposeful steps.

This is a wonderful way to gain momentum into the new year. I hope to hear some yes, please responses.

Thank you for playing in the Diamond Mind sandbox. Happy Thanksgiving and please note I am grateful to YOU.


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