The Parable of the Talents

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Interesting fact about the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. The master was not concerned about the talents you were given but rather, what you did with them. We each have a set of gifts. It is our responsibility to develop them and express them in our unique way in the world (service).

Confession number one, here. I have spent vast energy in envy and thinking “if I only had his/her talent”. Waste of time and energy. The late Zig Ziglar encouraged people to read their bibles daily. He told of people complaining, “it’s complicated, too much archaic language, I don’t understand most of it.” To which, Zig responded, “what are you doing with the part you do understand?” Busted!

Confession two, now. I have squandered massive time, energy, money, and yes, talent. In diamond mind language, I think there must be something I need—out there, someday, somewhere, some magic success pill. The Diamond Mind answer is to mine the inner resources, where the only kingdom I have control over resides.

Confession three, last. Fear and security are the excuses for not preceding. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather committing and deciding to do my best with what I have, right where I am beginning NOW.

My truth statement for this is:

I do my best. I allow grace and mercy to cover my shortcomings but am mindful not to allow my shortcomings to become excuse for less than best.

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