Connect and Achieve

Are we human beings or human doings? Yes.

Mere existence, not enough. Accomplishment without becoming a better person is empty. Scripture says it thusly “What profit a woman if she gains the whole world and loses herself?”

We are connected, to purpose, to meaning, to one another. Our achievement should reflect and demonstrate who we are becoming. My colleague, Adrienne Guerrero, founder of Positive Delta created this visual for our Pandemic Power Lunch:

This graphic sums up the Diamond Mind principle well. As we plan our “doings”, be sure the inner CEO is connecting to meaning, being and becoming.

Let us build bridges together from 100,000 FT. intention to the messy runway.

The momentum process will help us to start before we are ready, think big, start small and keep moving.

Trust God. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

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