Values Vs. Valuing

I remember having a great epiphany years ago. It was before the turn of this century, as a clue to how many years have passed since. I confess to not doing much with the insight at the time and am now eager to build from this foundation and teach you (if you are interested) in doing the same.

I was a participant in a workshop on values. The facilitator asked us to list our top 10 values. On round two, we narrowed it to three. Easy, peasy. God, Family, Business. Ha! Next, she asked us to evaluate how much time or resources we had spent on the top there in the last several weeks and how aligned it was with our values. ☹ I do not have time for prayer. Yet, God was first. Too busy and stressed with this sucky job to create a business. I could go on and on, and on, and on. Not aligned. Room for improvement anyway!

One look at your calendar and check book will reveal how your value system is playing out in the world of gravity, friction, and mortality. Are they aligned? If not, what is your strategy to fix that before you run out of time?

Dr. Bryan Sykes gave me new language for this disconnect. He calls it values and valuing. What are you valuing in the moment? The answer is not a “should”, a concept nor an opinion. Whatever you are engaged in reflects your valuing system. Waste of time simply means low valuing of moments. It is reversible, one moment at a time. Choice after choice after choice = success.

There will be more posts about my 90-day program to retool and refuel. For now, suffice it to say I am actively engaged under the dynamic tutelage of Dr. Bryan Sykes in aligning my focus in the moment (valuing) and what I commit to as most important. (values)

Anything I learn, I share with you!

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