Why Should I Care About Productive Tension?

“So, we say, if you really want to have the best life you can have, well you can influence that very powerfully by becoming very comfortable monitoring and managing the level of tension that you are experiencing yourself. The level of productive tension that others are experiencing just in your life in general, but also in any kind of a business setting where someone must influence someone to do something.”
T. Falcon Napier, founder of Institute of Productive Tension®, creator of the ChangeGrid®


Are you ready to enhance your life and achieve the best version of yourself? 

One powerful way to do that is by mastering the art of monitoring and managing the level of tension you experience. By becoming comfortable with this skill, you can influence not only your own productivity but also the productive tension experienced by others in both your personal and professional life. This is especially crucial in any business setting where the ability to influence others is proven to be an essential leadership skill.

However, many leaders around the world are currently losing momentum on their most important change initiatives without realizing the true problem at hand. They are neglecting the critical factor that determines buy-in from their team and the sustainability of their initiatives. This equally applies to self-leadership, as people find themselves frustrated by their depletion of inner resources. Instead of focusing on what truly matters, we often find ourselves swept up in a river of reactivity and wasting time on insignificant matters.

The missing ingredient in effective leadership and self-leadership is tension, and it is precisely what T. Falcon Napier, the founder of the Institute of Productive Tension® and creator of the ChangeGrid®, introduces in this short, eye-opening video:


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