Let’s Bust the Myth

“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.” – Thomas Paine


Resistant to Change? Let’s bust this myth, once and forever. 

For years, I stood in front of audiences and proclaimed, “People are resistant to change.” The participant heads nodded in agreement. With that much agreement in the room, surely it’s true. People resist change. Surely.

Let’s pause and reflect. If humans were resistant to change, no one would go for a new job, move, get married, have babies, start a business, the list is endless. Resistant to change and we’d be in the caves forever. 

Change is the central human activity and the core of the human adventure. As a professional coach, people approach me because they want something to change. Coaches are in the change business, or the business of change. And so are teachers, writers, doctors, lawyers, sooth sayers, well you get it, all of us. You pay professionals to support you because you want something to change. Fact, that.

Everyone wants you to change (influence) and you want everyone to change (persuasion). Your neighbors and negative relatives know exactly how you should change, and you know how they should change. 

Resistance is clearly present in the change process. What do we resist, if not the change? We resist feeling out of control.  The familiar zone is where we feel most in control. Some call it the comfort zone, but it is anything but comfortable. Our desire for change creates restlessness, but the familiarity causes us to feel a bit more secure. We cocoon in the familiar zone. 

Within this context, guiding change (in ourselves or others) becomes an intentional process of seizing and expanding a sense of control while building emotional resilience to life outside the familiar zone. 

We invite you to watch this short video on resistance to change. Feel free to share it with your friends (and enemies if you have any).

3 building blocks and an invitation:

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Stay tuned. You will receive two more posts before we give the details of this special offer:

  1. What is productive tension? Why should I care?
  2. Leveraging your understanding of the 4 Aspects of control

Raise your hand (simply reply YES) if you are already convinced that you’d benefit from experiencing the ChangeWorks Process in order become more effective in your self-leadership.

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