Take the Teeth Out of Losing

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”Eleanor Roosevelt

We love to win.

Flip it, we hate to lose.

This love/hate relationship with winning can cause frustration, isolation, and ultimately stagnation. If we allow it to!

In the momentum process, this tension becomes a slingshot to ever greater joy, fulfillment, as well as creating a path to more sustainable positive results.

Let’s play the momentum game. This game takes the teeth out of losing and empowers us to build bridges between the being and the doing. The momentum game also positions who you are, truly, against the evidence. It is a moment by moment choice whether to illuminate and substantiate the evidence, or YOU. You can learn to live your truest YOU, regardless of the evidence.

Before you play any game, it’s useful to learn the “rules”. In this game, the rules are a few simple, liberating definitions. The way you frame the game determines the joy of playing.

WINNER – A WINNER is a person, YOU.

Picture your name on a marquis. Notice your name next to the word WINNER in uppercase. You are a WINNER.  Regardless of the evidence. (the happenings of life) Proving you are a WINNER is pointless. You just are. A winner is a person, a human being, not a doing or a quest. Regardless of winning and losing (you’ll surely do both) you ARE a WINNER.

Illustration of female on box and teaching the momentum game.
Illustration by WINNER, Steven Thomas Fischer

LOSER – A LOSER is a label. It is not a person. This label may be applied to people, but is only true if it is accepted, internalized and identified with. Read the Eleanor quote above. The pain of this label is the pain of identification, not truth.

The inner WINNER chooses to play a game, with all her heart. She knows she can do, have, become anything she chooses and if not, find joy and fulfillment in the process.

The inner CEO says, “let the momentum game begin!”

Are you with me so far? You are a WINNER regardless of evidence. You have chosen to play the game.

The game – Let’s see what that person can do with all the talents, strengths, weaknesses, sunshine, rain, soil, storms, tribulations, joys, circumstances and all the stuff of life.

winner (lower case, not a person but a result)

One who wins achieves he desired result.  This completes the cycle.  Notice how simple this is without all the judgments about what to win means.  In this context, win is just feedback.  You and I played backgammon, tried our best, you won, I lost. You are winner, I the loser. Bit of disappointment perhaps, but fun, that. Let’s play two.

Illustration of a man as an inflated ball to demonstrate the Non-Winner from The Momentum Game
Illustration by WINNER, Steven Thomas Fischer

Notice the lower case. It means nothing until we assign meaning. It is an opportunity to fashion something new out of the evidence. It’s simple to analyze.

loser – (lower case, not a person but a result)

One who loses doesn’t achieve the desired result. This completes the cycle.  Notice how simple this is without all the judgments about what losing means.  In this context, lose is merely feedback.

Momentum is about willingness to play the game with heart regardless of the wins and losses.

Non-Winner – One who neither wins nor loses.  This causes the cycle to remain incomplete.  It also implies that the person doesn’t play at all or plays with great hesitation to avoid losing or winning.  This creates stagnation.  The payoff is that the person gets to be right about all the reasons they didn’t achieve the result.

The non-winner doesn’t fully engage, consciously or unconsciously because the fear of losing is too great. All the dreams, desires, aspirations create bloating or what we call in momentum “constipation of the spirit”.

Illustration of waving inflatable man moving from the momentum of The Momentum Game.
Illustration by WINNER, Steven Thomas Fischer

If we let go of all the false layers of conditioned meaning and fully enjoy coming from the inner WINNER, this allows us to more fully enjoy the game of life. It is a momentum game and you are a WINNER, regardless of the evidence.

What game are you playing?

Diamond Mind stands ready to support you in coming from the WINNER in a way that creates momentum and increases the likelihood of more wins as it frees energy to invest in focusing on your intentions, while taking the teeth out of the inevitable loses.

Simply stated, magical momentum.

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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