Start Before You Are Ready with Bryan Sykes

A few powerful points from our conversation:

  • There is an app for that! Association – pattern – program (process)
    • The strongest patterns and associations win
    • Status quo is usually the strongest pattern
  • Create micro habits to change routine from inside out – micro habits meet less resistance
  • Intentionally and methodically build new structures to support higher performance

I hope you enjoy this interview. Stay tuned because Diamond Mind is planning to partner with Bryan to create performance enhancing tools that allow you to hack, retool and refuel your stale patterns.

We’ll keep you posted on new developments.

Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor with a penchant for maximizing human potential through positive change. As a former fellow in the Future Physicians Program at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Bryan is passionate about holistic living and helping people to become healthier in every aspect of life.

He is author of the forthcoming book Retooling and Refueling for Success: A Human Optimization Guide for Creating Work Worth Doing and a Life Worth Living. As an architect of change, Bryan believes his greatest superpower lies in transforming organizations by converging the best of cutting edge behavioral science and emerging technology to elevate levels of engagement and positive change for all stakeholders within the organization.

Bryan has led Retooling and Refueling workshops for professionals and veterans for 13 years which was recognized and awarded by the Department of Labor. His current projects to help move humanity forward include two upcoming contributing author books (Crown Press Publishing); Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, and AI: Toward the Dream of Global Health Care Equivalency and Molecular Manufacturing: The Emergence of the Grand Equalizer. Additionally, Bryan is currently developing a learning management software system that helps organizations develop leadership pipelines through a talent actualization process (TAP).

Enjoy the conversation!

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