Overwhelm Need Not Apply

I did it again. And again.

In my frustration this morning, I heard myself proclaim inwardly, “I am so overwhelmed”.

Overwhelm is an interior state, a choice, a way to view the world. Don’t get me wrong, in a flood, overwhelm is physical, real and deadly. I am referring to this modern day emotional overwhelm as we gripe (and brag) about how “busy” we are. The word busy does not appear in Ben Franklin’s auto biography and look at what he accomplished.

Last week I was out of town, getting certified in emotional intelligence (you can clap congratulations).

Did you ever notice, when you are away, it’s easy to get inspired with all the great things you can do? Me too. On Friday, I am convinced I can do all things on Monday. Then, I traveled again this weekend for even more inspiration. I took the train back to Chicago. More inspiring time. I would change the world come Tuesday!

This morning, cob webs in my brain, yikes, how will I get any of this done? Yikes. Overwhelm and the urge to run away.

Luckily, I asked my inner coach, Diamond Mind Thomas, what would you tell a client experiencing this frustration? Simple, break it down, plug away, work your miracles one step at a time. Breathe, pause, connect to the reason you do what you do and remind yourself: :I love this work.” Invest the 30,000-foot energy into the small step and you’ll experience momentum. But only 100% of the time.

I listened again to my interview with Dr. Robert Mauer and sanity was restored. If you haven’t heard that one, or even if you have, it may be worth checking out to see if one small step can change your life.

Overwhelm need not apply.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way to Success by NewConversationForChange

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