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Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there. -Virginia Burden

Diamond Mind Enterprises exists to help us, individually and collectively to be more resourceful in our relationships and to expand our contribution. Simply stated, leadership.

It is not possible to contribute beyond our 168 hours each week without gaining the cooperation of others. Yes, you can become more productive, but can you increase your value 100-fold alone? Good luck! Influence.

Corporations state without hesitation the most important asset is our people. And yet, we’ve barely scratched the surface in understanding the infinite financial and human fulfilment reward that can be generated by becoming more conscious and intentional around creating meaningful work (human) experiences.

The same corporations are competing to recruit, retain and leverage the positive power of women in the workplace. And yet, they often ignore or give cursory attention to the most vital role many women (and men) play. Parents.

It’s time for this white, baby boomer male (grandfather) to turn the conversation over to a woman, brilliant, passionate and dedicated to creating a culture that is supportive of motherhood. It can be better. To make motherhood better requires better support from partners, communities, places of employment, and governments.

I am confident you will benefit from my conversation with Dr. Garner.

Dr. Katie B Garner

Dr. Katie B . Garner

Scholar. Teacher. Mother. Wife. These lines blur and intersect in my life as a first-generation woman who was raised in Chicago on the margin between working and middle class. My mother quit her job as a secretary shortly into her first pregnancy and my father worked two or more jobs as a house painter to pay our bills.

This upbringing narrowed my focus on roles of mothers (and fathers), labor equality, and feminism in a changing world. I attended Illinois Wesleyan University for my undergraduate degree and University of Illinois at Chicago for my Masters in English Education and Ph.D. in English with a gender studies concentration.

After nearly a decade researching intensive mothering, globalization’s impact on childcare, and class and race as they impact the mother/nanny relationship, I am focused on shifting the conversation regarding these topics with an eye toward building political will and ultimately changing US policy.

I have been fortunate enough to be an educator at the high school level (Downers Grove South High School) and then as a lecturer at the University of Illinois at Chicago in gender and women’s studies and currently as an adjunct professor at North Central College. I have served on editorial boards for organizations such as the Journal of Motherhood Initiative and have led several conferences focused on mothering.

My goal is to enact social change when it comes to the role of childcare and advance the national conversation about mothering.



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