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I am fortunate to work with bright, talented professionals. New hires, and seasoned vets alike. Diverse, unique, and successful. I am equally fortunate to work with solo-preneurs, not-for-profit, small businesses and large, global corporations.

I don’t know what brings you here now but am delighted you found this community of achievers who sense they have more and better, seeking to connect to their best self and express it more boldly for personal fulfillment and greater impact in the world.

There is one thing I know about you, because it is true of everyone I meet.

Your life is a mixture of difficulty and opportunity, and because you are successful, most of what you do is working quite well. But there is an area of life, perhaps at work, at home, in relationships or in the community, where deep down you know you can do better and, in this area, in this season of life, you feel stuck.

In fact, in this area it feels like the harder you push, the stucker you get. Feet pressed down on accelerator and the emergency brake simultaneously, making noise but going in circles at best.

Does it ever feel like you’re a gerbil on a wheel?


And your success is fueled by the fact you are highly motived but in this case your spirit is pushing in so many directions, without focus and flow, almost as though you have constipation of the spirit.constipation of the spirit

Yes, you are basically happy and successful but, in this area, a moment of honesty reveals that you are wound a little too tightly to be able to think clearly.

wound up too tightly

Keep this struggle area in view as you learn about the momentum process and you’ll see that a small shift in focus and a few tiny steps can begin to get your energy flying in formation and release your power with greater focus, clarity and impact. Doesn’t that feel much better?

shifted focus

You are a WINNER! Diamond Mind believes this about you always and we are there to support your vital mission to live your truest you.

Trust your Inner CEO
Trust the process


Stay tuned as we launch a two for one initiative to get and give the gift of MOMENTUM this Holiday season!

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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Tom Rosenak leads Diamond Mind Enterprises with decades of experience as a persuasion and management training consultant. As a certified TotalSDI Facilitator, he pays special attention to clients’ strengths to develop them to their greatest capabilities. Call Tom at (847) 530-3471 and start building your persuasive abilities today!

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