Don’t get Trampled by the Gray Rhino

There is an elephant in the room.

You’ve heard that one, right? That phrase has always annoyed me to some degree. The team identifies the presence of the elephant and yet carries on with the agenda, ignoring the implications. If there is an elephant in the room, let’s talk about her. Let’s face up to reality. Let’s do something!

Do you have an Elephant in the room? Ignore it and you may just get trampled by the Gray Rhino. Michele Wucker has coined this phrase for an observable and recurring phenomenon. The Gray Rhino is a peril bubbling up, that everyone can see. The challenge is in broad daylight and yet, consciously or unconsciously (probably a combination), we ignore it until it reaches absolute crisis or boiling point.

We can come up of hundreds of examples of Gray Rhino’s in the realm of business, politics, religion and community affairs. Chicago politics instantly comes to mind for me. When I moved here, we joked about the “Chicago way”. The phrase “kick the can down the road” is flippantly tossed around as the pensions go unfunded, the school system  decays and  violence escalates. National debt, Climate change, social security, the list is endless.

Why do leaders, decision makers, and everyday citizens keep failing to address the obvious dangers before they spiral out of control? More importantly, what CAN we do to seize opportunity out of these difficult situations?

You won’t want to miss the podcast next week as I interview author Michele Wucker. Michele shares stories and examples that illustrate the Gray Rhino phenomenon and encourages us with hope and a framework for small step, collaborative action as she guides to gain courage and empowers us to face our Rhino’s.

Next week’s podcast guest : Michele Wucker

American author, commentator and policy analyst specializing in the world economy and crisis anticipation. She is the author of The Gray Rhino: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We IgnoreLockout: Why America Keeps Getting Immigration Wrong when Our Prosperity Depends on Getting it Right and Why the Cocks Fight: Dominicans, Haitians and the Struggle for Hispaniola.

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