Conversations Worth Having with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres

I am still inspired by my conversation with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres.

As Cheri gives us her professional background, she mentions her first encounter with Appreciative Inquiry. Cheri had been facilitating experiential learning for years from an appreciative viewpoint. They focused more on strengths and what was working and worked to build on that foundation. But this mindset was difficult to teach and was a struggle to maintain and there were bumps along the way. When she “stumbled” upon Appreciate Inquiry, she had the research, framework and tools to make it so much easier. It’s all possible. Eureka! She says, “that’s it!”

Conversations-Worth-Having“Eureka, that’s it!” was my feeling when I “stumbled” across this powerful and practical book, Conversations Worth Having.  It’s been over two years since I adopted the tagline “New Conversation for Change”. Conversation is the life blood of positive relationship and collaborative result. Quality, appreciative and generative conversation is exactly what is missing in so much of our task driven, opinion dividing, us-them, black-white “communication”.

I am confident of the power of this little gem to  bring our conversation to a whole new level for more meaningful, human, and impactful.

I hope you are as inspired as I am. Enjoy the podcast, get a hold of this practical book and practice, practice, practice. The world is counting on us to do just that. Together.

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