See what you ARE

“See what you ARE, become what you see” -St. Augustine

The mission of Diamond Mind is to help leaders see better and be better.

How do we do that?

First, we imagine the best version of self, team, organization, community, world.

Once we see a better version (vision), we begin actively stepping into that vision, one small step at a time.
As we run into roadblocks, as we consistently do, we engage in constructive conversation with ourselves and others. But we hold fast to our vision as we process the obstacles.

You’ve heard it said, “Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” We like to riff off that and proclaim, “Insanity is having the same conversation (with your spouse, children supervisor, coworkers, cross functionally, etc.) and expecting different results.”

Diamond Mind provides the framework and tools to have more resourceful conversations with yourself, as well as conversations of greater influence and impact with others.

Stay tuned for the next series of articles about the talent optimization framework for increasing return on people investment.

Producing business results requires people working together toward shared goals. Why not do it better?
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Tom Rosenak leads Diamond Mind Enterprises with decades of experience as a persuasion and management training consultant. As a certified TotalSDI Facilitator, he pays special attention to clients’ strengths to develop them to their greatest capabilities. Call Tom at (847) 530-3471 and start building your persuasive abilities today!

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