Perception and Perspective

The momentum process feels like magic, the unfolding is magical. And yet it is not magic, it’s the way the world works. 

The neuroscience validates what the ancient monks knew.  I study metaphysics and know little about science. Fortunately for us, Dr. Bryan Sykes is in our network and is a bonafide neuroscientist in my network.

One of the key differentiators of the momentum process is the practice of investing the energy of our biggest intention into the small steps on the runway. 

Listen to this short video and hear some of the “why it works”.


Correction: “see who you are, become what you see” -the quote is from St. Augustine not St. Aquinas. Two of my favorite metaphysicians. Yet they are as different as a logician and a romantic can be.

While you are at it, I hope you pick up a copy of your momentum playbook here

Here’s to your momentum, 2023 and beyond.

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