Kaizen for Optimization

OPTIM (um),
OPTIM (ism),
OPTI (cal) (to see better)

Would you like to be the best? How aspirational, even noble! Why settle for less?

And yet, that is big! The minute we think of our best self, we become consciously aware of the gap between where we are and our best self. At that moment, we notice a drain of energy.

Momentum happens when we go to the end, the biggest, best, brightest future. We connect to the energy of the possible and invest that energy into the smallest step.

Great, that’s best! What would a little better look like? Begin now! In manufacturing circles this approach is called Kaizen. Turns out, the best way to ensure a quantum leap is to begin improving now. Little by little.
Neuroscience supports this approach. There are dozens of recent books and articles about the power of building momentum from tiny habits.

The Diamond Mind truth statement here:
Think big (even bigger)
Start small (even smaller)
Keep moving (consistently from the energy of the highest and best)
January is complete and the initial surge of New Year’s resolutions have faded.
What are you doing to jumpstart your momentum?

This is the year of Highest Self Leadership.

It is written, let it be so!

As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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