Deliberate practice is the key!

We are told this is the information age. We certainly are flooded with information. But information is not power. It is only potential power. And it has the power to overwhelm our emotional eco-systems.

Whatever you want to become requires formation. Yes, we need the relevant information, but its deliberate practice that creates formation.

Enjoy this video as a master Change Leadership teacher is reminded to get centered and practice becoming all that she already is. Adrienne gets “real” with the challenges she faces:

Click here to watch the video.

I saw an interview of the Dali Lama. The host commented on how much joy showed in his face. I was knocked off my chair by his response “I practice happiness”. Oh, I thought it was a pursuit. When I get x, y, or z, I will be happy. Something to chase. A practice! I coach successful, bright people. They all get “A” plus in the information realm. Yet sometimes, our practice lags our information. Information without formation (practice) never leads to transformation.

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