Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

Helping your people succeed — now that’s great leadership.

Great leaders know the value of taking care their teams. If your team members aren’t feeling challenged or valued, if everyone isn’t working together optimally, that can create dissonance. And it can cost you.

Diamond Mind team trainings help every person on your team identify their strengths and the components of their personalities and jobs that can be strengthened through collaboration. We’ll dig into new conversations — with ourselves and with one another — that will spark transformative change for the better.

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.”

— William James
Conflict Management Training

How do we effectively manage conflict?

Conflict can cue an opportunity — if we learn more about the nature of conflict, understand our habits and tendencies when we’re in stressful situations, and those of the people we work with, we can sharpen our skills at managing conflict with grace and strategic strength.

These skills can change the way you interact with everyone. In this transformative interactive work-session, we’ll master:

  • The nature of conflict
  • Five conflict management styles, including a personal assessment
  • Graceful assertiveness
  • Difficult conversations
  • Managing ongoing conflict
  • Productive tension management
Productive Tension Management

Tension is inevitable. How do we use it to our advantage?

When we think of tension, we immediately think of stress. But tension is energy. Physical, emotional, and psychological. Tension is how the physical world works. Gravity is tension. Friction is tension.

Tensions come to the surface messy and need to be sorted out. We can manage tension productively to foster, not impede, progress. Sounds like magic, right? It’s not. It’s practice. And you can learn it.

As faculty at the Institute of Productive Tension – the home to this pioneering space in human development – Tom can help you master this skill like no one else can — if you are willing. The big question is, are you willing?

“Most people work just hard enough to not get fired and earn just enough money not to quit.”

— George Carlin
Do you feel as if your team has lost focus or isn’t fully present? Are your team members less creative than you know they can be? 
What does disengagement look like?
  • Ideas and innovations repeatedly come from the same individuals
  • Projects are overdue or exceed budget
  • Clients and customers complain about slow service or errors
  • Employees bicker about seemingly insignificant things
  • Absenteeism is high and turnover is increasing
Strength Deployment

How do we create a culture that inspires and motivates?

Successful leaders understand the costs of disengagement. The cost of conflict, inefficiency and indifference is enormous. Your biggest investment — your people — have deep reserves of value for your organization that you can tap into by utilizing their greatest strengths.

After this team training, you’ll be leading a rare culture where employees are motivated to work better, grow together and stay loyal longer.