Give and Get

Jump-start your new year

Enjoy the magic of momentum.

Start this year by getting unstuck.

The truth is, we all feel stuck sometimes. Enter: the Momentum Playbook. This set of tools will help you get unstuck in work and in life. That means acting on something you’ve felt you couldn’t — get your promotion, your career change, college major, financial freedom or compose that hip hop opera. 

Keep it for yourself. Or give it to a friend.

The Momentum Playbook is the perfect gift for your cousin Rhonda who feels stuck in her job at the Mud Store; or your son, who’s so-far majoring in “fun;” or your newly-divorced (and liberated!) neighbor who’s ready to write her own destiny… and a telenovela.

In it together!

These exercises won’t tell anyone what to do; they facilitate honesty so we can make small-step plans that we actually act on.  And we’re in it together. For every Momentum Playbook purchased before 6/20/20, we’ll give you one for yourself, plus a complimentary 30 minute coaching call with Tom Rosenak, to help you jump-start your momentum.

What’s in the box?

A copy of the
Momentum Playbook

($30 value)

A 30-minute consult
or coaching
call with Tom

($300 value)

The wonderful
gift of true