Tom Rosenak

Tom Rosenak

Leadership Communication Specialist

Hello, new friend. How are you? I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Tom. I created Diamond Mind to help people. Every day, I get to work with individuals, teams and organizations to help them transform and elevate their performance, to drive results by deploying their strengths and improving relationships. The currency? Conversation.

It’s human. It’s a process. It’s propelled by questions.

What’s the first thing to go when we feel stuck? That small, still voice that knows who we are, where we want to go and how to get there. I can help you reconnect to that voice by asking the right questions and having the right conversations.

We can do all of this together. Overcome your barriers. Look them in the eye and listen to them. Improve your sales results and presentation skills. Have a stronger executive presence. Transform your team’s performance. Mine for diamonds in the rough.

Simply put: Let’s get true. Let’s do it for you. So you can live your truest you.

by Thomas Rosenak
The truth is, we all feel stuck sometimes. In a rut. Jammed up. Well, friends, it’s time to get moving. The Momentum Playbook will help you go from stuck to unstuck in any area of your life or work. It might sound magic — and it definitely feels like it — but it’s not. This proven process works — if you work it.


  • I hired Tom to work on presentation, negotiation and sales skills for my agency’s account and sales staff. The results were truly spectacular. Tom advanced every individual, working with their natural abilities, regardless of current competency level, to achieve best in class presenters, negotiators and sales people. His passion, energy, expertise and vast subject matter knowledge creates a learning environment that is highly motivating and results driven. I could clearly see the positive growth in each staff member not only days after training but years later. Tom’s has the rare gift of reaching every individual where they are and getting most from what they have. If you want to move yourself or your staff forward to achieving excellence in a number of professional skills, hire Tom. He will produce tangible results immediately that will provide a bountiful return on your investment for years to come. I gladly offer my highest recommendation.

    Mike Shutty
    Chief Executive Officer, CFM Direct
  • I had the good fortune to be coached by Tom as I was preparing for a significant presentation at a national data quality conference. I found Tom’s coaching to be extremely valuable in building my skills and my confidence. I have had the opportunity in my career to take numerous public speaking classes and seminars, so I know the basics and work hard to ensure that I am doing my best when presented with the opportunity to give a speech. Tom’s coaching, however, was absolutely the most significant and meaningful coaching in presentation skills that I have ever received. Tom was totally focused on enhancing my presentation, and provided me with a number of really helpful suggestions, tools and tips to help me achieve a new level of confidence in my public speaking abilities. Tom was firm but supportive, providing me with direct and actionable feedback. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Tom, and I would give him my highest recommendation. He is thoughtful, practical and professional. I strongly recommend Tom to any person who is serious about enhancing their professional communication and public speaking ability.

    Sharon Murphy
    Vice President Global Equity Operations, Morningstar, Inc.